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NEWWinter 2023 Content Releases

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Social Sciences

Alabama Public Television Video Links

18 links to videos highlighting notable Alabama women and historic sites throughout the state.

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement Video Links

Web links to 60 videos highlighting the legacy and impact of men and women who advocated for racial equality in the United States. Includes firsthand accounts, historical moments and stories.

The Open University Video Links

40 web links to videos from The Open University. Topics include: historians and the past, the history of money, architecture and design, history of the Spanish language and more.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Video Links

Links to 60 videos from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Series include: Behind Every Name, Curators Corner, Eyewitness to History, Holocaust Artifacts Unpacked and more.

New-York Historical Society Video Links

39 links to web videos from the New-York Historical Society. Series include: Academy for American Democracy, Opening the Oval Office with David Rubenstein, Women & the American Story and more.

English Language Arts

Simon Kids Video Links

Links to 17 science and social studies nonfiction children’s literature programs.

YouTube Originals Video Links

7 links to BookTube Jr. children's literature titles as read by the author.

Reedsy Video Links

100 video links providing writing and editing tips. Topics include: archetypes, theme, point of view, how to structure a chapter, the writing process and more.

Graphic Organizers Web Links

Web links to 50 ELA graphic organizers from Student Handouts designed for use by elementary and middle school students.

Once Upon a Picture Prompts

35 writing prompts which include an image, activity ideas, discussion topics and inference and prediction questions for students.


Science Trek Video Links

86 web links to videos which introduce science topics to elementary-age schoolchildren, hoping to spark interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects and careers.

The Brain Scoop Video Links

42 links to videos which dig into the world of natural history at The Field Museum in Chicago. Includes scientific interviews, tours of collections and behind-the-scenes work preparing museum specimens.

Science Channel Video Links

47 web links to engaging videos from the Science Channel. Series include: Mythbusters, Mythbusters Jr., How It's Made and more.

American Chemical Society Video Links

30 video links to science series including: Chemistry for Kids, Chemical Laboratory Safety, Ingenious and more.

Mission Unstoppable Video Links

Links to 50 web videos about the world of STEM. Topics include: antibiotics, bacteria, diamonds and gems, engineering, vitamins, zero-gravity flight and more.

SimBucket Interactive Simulations

10 interactive ChemThink tutorials. Topics include: atomic structure, chemical reactions, covalent bonding, ionic bonding and more.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Digital Resources

65 web links to resources about North American birds. Each link includes photos, identification information, life history documentation, maps, and audio.

LinkedIn Learning Digital Resources

110 video links to computer programming videos. Topics include: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, Adobe Photoshop Tutorial, C++ Tutorial, HTML Tutorial, Java Tutorial, Python Tutorial and more.

eduPLEX Video Links

21 links to AP computer science videos. Topics include: software engineering, hardware and software, Java syntax/style and more.

Updates to Existing Free and Open Educational Resources

Shmoop Video Links
14 New Titles
Crash Course Web Links
22 New Titles
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Digital Resources
6 New Titles
American Battlefield Trust Digital Resources
47 New Titles
Mini BIO Web Links
58 New Titles
Project Gutenberg eBooks
6 New Titles
Storyline Online Digital Resources
79 New Titles
Digital Resources Curated by SAFARI Montage
58 New Titles
MyWhyU Web Links
62 New Titles
Library of Congress Digital Resources
46 New Titles
TED-Ed Web Links
100 New Titles
Sesame Street Web Links
21 New Titles
Oyez Supreme Court Web Links
4 New Titles
The World Factbook
521 New Titles
NASA Digital Resources
14 New Titles

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