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Basic Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)

Make the most of your investment by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest software updates, standards & correlations updates, and time-saving innovations for your teachers.

NEW! Recent SAFARI Montage Updates Available via Basic SUP Include:

LOR Lesson Presenter Course Scope and Sequence

Manage playlists in lessons with Course Scope and Sequence tools

  • Easy dashboard access to courses
  • Simple drop-down Course Navigation
  • Organize playlists into district-created department folders
  • Supports lesson collaboration among lesson co-editors and developers
  • Assign target state standards to lessons for teachers and lesson developers
  • Provide district-approved full course scope & sequence and lesson resources to ensure all schools & students have equitable access to relevant instructional lessons
  • Teachers can easily copy & customize lesson playlists
  • Support for groups of co-editors on the same playlist, providing each with equal access and editing rights. Playlists display the editor, date and time of last edits
  • Course rostering via OneRoster (Coming Soon)
  • Note: Access to these new features reuires LOR Lesson Presenter license

Playlist Enhancements:

  • Embedded presentation of third party web and LTI links within Playlists for seamless playback experience during teacher presentation and student viewing (without opening in new window)
  • Playlist attachments - Documents can now be attached to playlists that are tagged as a Lesson (Teacher Guide, Lesson Plan, and an Ancillary resource)
  • Teachers can add searchable Teacher Prep Notes to Playlists

Learning Object Repository (LOR) Enhancements

  • User Interface is now fully HTTPS secured (All district data encrypted at rest and in transit)
  • Improved Thin Common Cartridge import process with tools for previewing, approving, regenerating thumbnails and changing user permissions to all TCC learning objects
  • Ability to control permissions for Individual Resources via OneRoster
  • Ability to create district-level user groups
  • Fast syncing database with ability to centralize implementation for zero latency (Requires WAN-1036X or WAN-1044X server)
  • Easy Upload support for web links, including drag and drop
  • New ways to whitelist approved YouTube resources via the LOR for safe student-viewing
  • Integration with Follett Aspen SIS for SSO to dashboard
  • Ability to replace media files in the LOR while preserving permanent & embedded links
  • User Interface is now fully HTTPS secured (All district data encrypted at rest and in transit)*

Video Streaming Library Additions

  • 1,500 + NEW free OERs including web links to Google Expeditions 360° Tours offering fully immersive 360° VR viewing experience, National Geographic Video Links to interactive 360° VR content, McGraw-Hill Pre-K-12 Video Links, Science & Star Wars Video Links and more!
  • Updated and NEW State and National Academic Standards from Academic Benchmarks and IMS Global CASE Network Standards

*Requires FreeBSD 8.1+ Operating System Drive/s for fully encrypted connection

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