A Learning Object Repository for Curriculum Equity

The Dashboard & Portal

Intuitive, Feature-Rich and Easy to Use

The SAFARI Montage® user interface provides one-click classroom efficiency without intimidating teachers who may be technology-reluctant. Curriculum directors, teachers and students can quickly retrieve all of their digital resources through a single, personalized dashboard. The new SAFARI Montage dashboard features a simplified design and icon-based navigation

Dashboard Image

NEW 7.1 Dashboard Customization

  • District admins can customize the new 7.0 dashboard by User Type and School
  • Assign the desired features to be displayed on Teachers’ & Students’ Dashboards
  • Customize the Portal Links page for Teachers & Students
  • Add custom icons & links to Dashboards and Portal Links page
  • Customize Live and Digital TV streams appearing on the Dashboard and Live & Digital TV pages

NEW 7.2 District admins can now add SAFARI Montage Live (SML) Meet Now and Schedule a SML Session icons to dashboard

NEW 7.4 Improved Mobile Phone Dashboard Experience