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Funding Sources

Funding & Sourcing Options For Your SAFARI Montage® Solution

The following funding and sourcing options may be helpful when trying to purchase SAFARI Montage® products.

Government Funds

There are government funds available that support IT initiatives for education. Expand technology in your district with the help of these grants to purchase hardware, software and staff professional development, as well as new programs and curriculum development.

Grants & Federal Funds

TITLE I Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged and Other At-Risk Children

TITLE II-D Enhancing Education Through Technology

TITLE III Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient & Immigrant Students

TITLE IV-B 21st Century Community Learning Centers

TITLE V-A Innovative Programs to improve student academic achievement and the quality of education for all students

TITLE VI-B Rural and Low-Income School Program

Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)/Special Needs

U.S. Department of Education Discretionary Grant Competitions

Rethink K-12 Education Models (REM)

Other Resources

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants

Our eager staff is ready to help you learn about the various funding sources available to you in order to purchase SAFARI Montage products.

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