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Seamlessly Integrate Live and Recorded Digital Television and School News Into Teaching and Learning

SAFARI Montage® IPTV offers school districts a cost-effective solution for delivering cable TV, live video and on-demand digital resources to schools. Using powerful and ultra-reliable SAFARI Montage® digital encoders that offer flexible, streamlined video input options, the system eliminates the inefficiencies of a coax cable network and provides a strong foundation for future growth and enhancements. The SAFARI Montage® IPTV Solution most effectively centralized media delivery infrastructure removing the need for multiple head-ends and classroom TVs while maintaining school-based access to the digital media.


5 Reasons why SAFARI Montage IPTV is the way to go for K–12 classrooms

Digital Rights Management offers administrators robust, centralized control and distribution

Schedule, record and store multiple video sources for future viewing

Interoperable with other educational systems and classroom technology

Cost-effective: Eliminates costs of coax cable network, multiple head-ends and classroom TVs

Mobile Device Integration: Automatically converts recorded video files and live video streaming to support mobile devices

"SAFARI Montage IPTV is saving the district money on coax cabling to our mobile units as well as reducing the costs of new school construction. We found it to be the best solution, with the potential for future use to personalize learnig for our students."

Brandon DeLeeuw, MSITM
Director, Information Systems and Support | Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte, North Carolina

SAFARI Montage IPTV includes:

Optional Customizations: