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SAFARI Montage® Hardware

SAFARI Montage® Servers

All servers come pre-loaded with the SAFARI Montage OS and the appropriate number of Core Content hard drives to match your order. With each installation, SAFARI Montage carefully evaluates district needs and bandwidth to develop a customized system recommendation tailored specifically for that district.


SAFARI Montage® Digital Signage Hardware

Classroom Media Controller
SAFARI Montage Endpoint

High performance set top box (STB) capable of decoding live and on-demand video streams delivered via an IP network for High Definition (HD) display.

Safari Montage Keypad
Digital Signage Keypad

Allows a user to select one of four video feeds for full-screen display on SAFARI Montage® Digital Signage.

Hardware Controllers
Source Controller

Enables Pathways SM to control virtually any IR-controlled device by converting from IR to IP control, such as projectors, displays, and cable tuners.