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SAFARI Montage® Quad SD/HD MPEG Digital Encoder

G1572, Rack-Mount - Four encoders in a 1RU Chassis

Use a SAFARI Montage® Quad SD/HD MPEG Digital Encoder to stream video from any traditional analog or digital source for delivery via IP networks. Virtually any encoder can be used in combination with SAFARI Montage® Selective Video Streaming, although we recommend SAFARI Montage® Digital Encoders for maximum compatibility and optimal performance.

SAFARI Montage® Quad SD/HD MPEG Digital Encoders provide a powerful and ultrareliable, "out of the box" solution for your entire IP Television, digital signage and digital media encoding and distribution requirements.

The units offer flexible video input options with HDMI, component and composite inputs, which support SD through HD resolutions that range from 480i to 1080p.

The units encode incoming digital or analog video to deliver an H.264 or MPEG-2 network stream over the IP network to any user of a SAFARI Montage® system, SAFARI Montage Digital Signage or Classroom Media Controller (CMC).

Remote configuration and control is provided via a password-protected, embedded web server.

With maintenance-free operation, small physical size and low power consumption, SAFARI Montage® Digital Encoders are ideally suited for both large-scale distributed applications and head-end deployments.

Supports the following SAFARI Montage solutions:

IPTV, Digital Signage, Pathways SM and Universal Live Broadcaster

Key Features:

  • Accepts HDMI, Component, Composite inputs
  • HDCP Compliant with compatible devices
  • Supports video resolutions from 480i to 1080p
  • Encodes audio in MPEG-4 AAC or MPEG-1 Layer 2
  • Encodes video at bit rates from 1-4 Mbps (H.264 SD), 2-10 Mbps (H.264 HD), 2-8 Mbps (MPEG-2 SD) and 10-20 Mbps (MPEG-2 HD)
  • Compatible with SAFARI Montage® Media Player and VLC Media Player
  • Low power consumption

Technical Specifications

Management Configuration/Remote status monitoring via on-board web server
Power 12VDC @ 3A - Rack-mount
Software Updates Remotely upgradeable via web interface
Video Encoding
  • H.264 SD: 1-4 Mbps
  • H.264 HD: 2-10 Mbps
  • MPEG-2 SD: 2-8 Mbps
  • MPEG-2 HD: 10-20 Mbps
  • Unicast, Multicast and DNLA streams
Audio Encoding
  • MPEG-4 ACC; 128, 256, and 384 kbps
  • MPEG-1 Layer2; 128, 256, and 384 kbps
Video Inputs HDMI 1.4 Digital 480i to 1080p
YPbPr 480i to 1080p
CVBS NTSC (480i)
Audio Inputs
  • HDMI, digital stereo audio
  • Dual RCA, analog stereo audio
  • Coaxial (S/PDIF RCA), digital stereo audio
  • Optical (S/PDIF TOSLINK), digital stereo audio
Network 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
Dimensions 17.5" (W) x 7.2" (D) x 1.75" (H) - Rack-mount
Warranty 3 Years
Included with each Encoder 6' RJ45 Cat-5e patch cable, 6' YPbPr component video cable, 6' dual RCA audio cable, 6' HDMI cable.