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SAFARI Montage Announces An All-New Videoconferencing System

SAFARI Montage® Live-5! Represents the Next Generation of Interactive Videoconferencing

Wynnewood, PA (November 28, 2011) - SAFARI Montage is proud to unveil the next generation of its interactive videoconferencing system – SAFARI Montage Live! v.5 (SML5). This feature-rich, IP-based videoconferencing system enables educators to connect and collaborate with colleagues and students like never before – easily and affordably. SAFARI Montage Live-5! offers dramatic improvements from the original SAFARI Montage Live! with great new features such as enhanced screen sharing capabilities, higher quality video and audio, the ability to play video recordings from the host’s desktop and much more.

“SAFARI Montage has changed the way we do staff development. Even with the budget cuts we’ve faced, SAFARI Montage Live-5! has provided us with a cost-effective way to conduct Superintendent Cabinet meetings, Secretary meetings and other professional development,” said Joe Griffin, Chief Technology Officer, Keller Independent School District.

Noticeable improvements in SML5 include:

  • High quality video (480x360) and audio (44kbps) that are double the quality of other desktop videoconferencing systems.
  • The ability to screen share while maintaining the videoconference and chat windows, making the system much more collaborative.
  • The ability to remotely control any participant’s desktop (with permission).
  • The dramatic ability to play full-motion video recordings from the broadcaster’s desktop or via YouTube®.
  • Multiple participants can simultaneously use the interactive whiteboard.
  • The ability to pre-build polls and save participant data.

Unlike other videoconferencing systems, SML5 requires minimal training and technical support because of its intuitive interface and simple system setup. It is also an ideal cost-cutting solution for providing reliable school-to-school or school-to-home education for many applications, including distance learning for homebound students, professional development for teachers at school or at home, and virtual field trips to remote locations.

The SML5 videoconferencing system utilizes a SAFARI Montage Live! server, the school district’s private WAN and the public Internet to facilitate interactive group sessions led by one or many broadcasters. All a user needs is a camera and a microphone connected to his or her desktop or laptop computer.

About SAFARI Montage
SAFARI Montage provides school districts with an integrated Learning Object Repository and Digital Media & Curriculum Delivery solution all wrapped into one. In addition, the solution is interoperable with virtually all classroom technology and most enterprise district systems. The full suite of integrated modules provides a single interface for users to access and manage all digital, visual resources from within the school district network or from home. And now, with the introduction of the Digital Curriculum Presenter™ (DCP) module, curriculum departments can elegantly deliver a full digital curriculum. The award-winning SAFARI Montage solution is also designed to cut costs for school districts by utilizing intelligent digital media solutions to replace traditional methods. SAFARI Montage servers come preloaded with educational video titles tied to the curriculum from the industry’s leading video publishers, which include Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Scholastic, Disney Educational Production, BBC and more. In addition, school districts can easily upload and manage their own digital content, and disseminate it to all users throughout the school or district.


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Megan Hanavin

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