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SAFARI Montage Debuts Digital Curriculum Presenter™ Platform

The classroom lesson presentation tool to simplify everything

Wynnewood, PA (January 25, 2011) - SAFARI Montage unveils Digital Curriculum Presenter™ (DCP) at FETC in Orlando, an unprecedented new teaching platform for school district curriculum administrators and teachers to elegantly present a complete digital curriculum in the classroom. The new platform leverages the power of the SAFARI Montage architecture, which handles digital video with an intelligent approach to bandwidth realities by utilizing the school district’s wide area network, not the internet. The new platform is highly visual, with automatic thumbnail generation for over 40 different file types, and dramatically simplifies classroom technology for all teachers. Integrated with Moodle® and other Learning Management Systems (LMS), DCP offers teachers a single interface from which they can deliver an entire lesson without having to switch between multiple media players and technologies. Digital Curriculum Presenter enhances an LMS with superior presentation tools while simplifying technology for lesson delivery for teachers.

“I’ve watched video grow in its importance as a teaching tool for 25 years, but today’s students require digital video in virtually every class, and the stress that creates on a network is enormous,” said Andrew Schlessinger, CEO and Co-Founder of SAFARI Montage. “Digital Curriculum Presenter is a top to bottom comprehensive solution to the problems encountered with educational technology, and it ensures that teachers can focus their time and attention on teaching without being frustrated by technology.”

Digital Curriculum Developer™ ties course development with course presentation and provides the tools to build or import the scope and sequence of a course. It offers a course and lesson plan repository, and allows multiple course developers to work in the same course simultaneously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Teachers can add lesson assets through SAFARI Montage via CreationStation™, import SAFARI Montage playlists and choose to integrate other SAFARI Montage modules into a curriculum, including videoconferencing, live streams or recorded programs. In addition, lesson presentation includes full integration with doc cams and interactive whiteboards.

Digital Curriculum Presenter is student-oriented as well as teacher-oriented. It also offers a web-based, wireless formative assessment tool that integrates with smart phones and iPads® for true differentiated instruction support. Mobile device integration extends to video playback as well. The teacher can easily assign review or remedial work by student and provide parents with a child’s assessment results.

“DCP is designed to engage students, parents and teachers in the learning process. While there has been much discussion on moving visual resources into the instructional model, DCP is the first system to accomplish that and provide a truly interactive lesson both inside and outside the traditional classroom. It not only engages students with educational content licensed by the district, but also brings visual resources from the outside into the interactive instructional model,” says Tim Beekman, President and Co-Founder of SAFARI Montage. “Students, teachers and parents need resources that will work with their present technologies, such as mobile devices, to keep them involved in the learning process. DCP provides that solution.”

About SAFARI Montage

SAFARI Montage provides K-12 school districts with a comprehensive solution for their digital media networking and visual instruction needs. The full suite of integrated products provides a single interface for accessing all visual resources from inside the school district intranet or from home. The award-winning SAFARI Montage Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management enterprise solution is designed to cut costs for school districts by utilizing intelligent digital media delivery, while facilitating visual instruction and learning in the classroom. SAFARI Montage servers come preloaded with educational video titles tied to the curriculum from the industry’s leading video publishers. In addition, SAFARI Montage provides the ability for school districts to easily upload and manage their own digital video and other content, and easily disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district. With the introduction of its new Pathways SM module, SAFARI Montage now provides a solution for districts to control, manage and schedule classroom and district devices. For more information, visit


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