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Schoolhouse Rock! Now Available Digitally From Disney Educational Productions and SAFARI Montage

Educators Can Inspire a New Generation of Learners through Classic, Catchy Tunes and Vignettes

Wynnewood, PA (March 17, 2011) - Schoolhouse Rock!, the timeless collection of animated songs that taught an entire generation to believe that "knowledge is power" is now available digitally on SAFARI Montage. With the release of this new content, SAFARI Montage is proud to continue its tradition of bringing the finest educational video resources to its digital platform, thereby differentiating itself from other streaming content providers. Originally produced for broadcast on ABC and distributed through Disney Educational Productions, this four-time Emmy® award-winning series introduces kids to grammar, science, multiplication, money and American history concepts through catchy, educational songs. Among the 57 classic tunes are favorites such as "Conjunction Junction," "Interplanet Janet," "I'm Just a Bill," “No More Kings” and "Three Is a Magic Number.”

Students can sing along as the Schoolhouse Rock gang explores math and multiplication in Schoolhouse Rock! Multiplication, while Schoolhouse Rock! Money examines how to save and invest money, the history of our national debt and taxes. Schoolhouse Rock! Science utilizes witty, catchy tunes to accurately convey descriptions of the human body's major systems along with explanations of energy sources, the solar system and gravity. Schoolhouse Rock! Earth introduces students to relevant “green” topics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprints, renewable energy sources and water conservation strategies. Students can also learn about the important milestones, events and people that make up our great country in Schoolhouse Rock! America, while Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar showcases catchy songs and vignettes to make learning about words and sentences exciting and fun!

“We are proud to add Schoolhouse Rock! to the ever-growing collection of digital content resources available through SAFARI Montage. With the addition of this award-winning, educational series, we are furthering our commitment to offer the very best educational videos to meet the needs of today’s 21st-century learners,” said Lori Griffin, Executive Editor, SAFARI Montage.

The entire Schoolhouse Rock! collection is included in the K-8 Core Content Package* and comes with supplemental resources including quizzes and teacher’s guides filled with pre- and post-viewing questions, classroom activities and more. (*Existing customers may require the purchase of a new content drive.)

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SAFARI Montage provides K-12 school districts with a comprehensive solution for their digital media networking and visual instruction needs. The full suite of integrated products provides a single interface for accessing all visual resources from inside the school district intranet or from home. The award-winning SAFARI Montage Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management enterprise solution is designed to cut costs for school districts by utilizing intelligent digital media delivery, while facilitating visual instruction and learning in the classroom. SAFARI Montage servers come preloaded with educational video titles tied to the curriculum from the industry’s leading video publishers. In addition, SAFARI Montage provides the ability for school districts to easily upload and manage their own digital video and other content, and disseminate it to all classrooms throughout the district. With the introduction of its Pathways SM module, SAFARI Montage now provides a solution for districts to control, manage and schedule classroom and district devices.

About Disney Educational Productions
Disney Educational Productions was originally founded by Walt Disney himself, and has been producing and distributing award-winning educational DVD’s and supplemental content to schools for more than 60 years. In the past 3 years DEP has won more than 30 content awards for excellent educational multimedia ranging from DVDs to digital motion comics to interactive white board apps. DEP’s dynamic roster of titles are built to support key classroom subjects including math, science, social studies and language arts and are each created with the collaboration of third-party educational experts and correlated with U.S. National Curriculum Standards. DEP franchises include beloved classics such as Schoolhouse Rock, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Donald in Mathmagicland as well as new teacher favorites The Science of Disney Imagineering, Disney American Presidents and Bill Nye’s Solving for X. DEP is part of Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW), the world's largest publisher of children's books and magazines, with over 250 million children’s books and over 400 million children's magazines sold each year. For more information please visit our website,


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