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SAFARI Montage and Cyber-Science 3D Enter Into 3D Deal

Wynnewood, PA (March 7, 2011) - SAFARI Montage and Cyber-Science 3D™ have signed a deal to bring the finest interactive science 3D models available to the K-12 educational market. The Cyber-Science Interactive 3D Model Package contains over 80 detailed interactive 3D models, including 4,300 structures of all of the major human anatomical systems as well as a frog, fetal pig, cat, earthworm, starfish, plant cell, hydrogen fuel cell, volcano, the elements of the periodic table and much more.

Cyber-Science interactive 3D models were originally developed for medical school students and go far beyond the quality of any interactive learning tool ever created for K-12. These interactive 3D science models, which cover subject areas of botany, human anatomy, zoology, microbiology, earth science and more, are visually thrilling and create an excitement around learning that is unparalleled among other forms of media. Students are able to explore, dissect, manipulate, rotate and expand the virtual 3D models on any platform – both at school and from their home – all without wearing 3D glasses. This includes PC, MAC, white board and virtual reality systems. One of the most significant aspects of these interactive 3D models is that no glasses are required to experience a three-dimensional effect and become highly immersed, therefore increasing the level of student interest and retention of subject matter. Because the interactive 3D non-stereoscopic (non-stereo) version does not require the use of glasses, special graphics card or projector, it is accessible to any student or teacher in school or from home. The Presenter feature gives curriculum developers the ability to easily create their own 3D animations and simulations, add voice-over and distribute throughout the school district, or embed within their lesson plans.

In an ongoing study funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) at Augustana College and St. Ambrose University, preliminary research has shown that students significantly increased their ability to analyze three-dimensional relationships when using interactive 3D Cyber-Science™ (without glasses).

SAFARI Montage also offers a spectacular interactive 3D “Stereo” version of Cyber-Science 3D™, which presents the true depth using immersive virtual reality technology – an “out-of-the-screen” experience such that models of the frog, for example, float in space by using professional stereo 3D glasses. Specific graphics cards, projectors and glasses are required for each workstation.

“SAFARI Montage has established itself as a true visionary in the Digital Media market, providing the highest quality content available to students. We are excited to have the opportunity to launch our interactive Cyber Science 3D™ product with SAFARI,” said Dr. Karim Malek, CEO of Cyber-Anatomy Corp. “While Cyber Science 3D™ provides a compelling learning experience for students, the coupling of our product with the full SAFARI Montage unique delivery mechanism will enable teachers to provide an amazing interactive experience and customize it to the learning styles of their students.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about working with Cyber-Science. Students and teachers can now take interactive learning even farther by traveling through the blood vessels to the valves of the heart, peeling back the layers of a frog through virtual dissection or rotating models 360° to understand the interconnections of the structures in a 3D manner,” said Andrew Schlessinger, CEO & Co-Founder of SAFARI Montage and Library Video Company.

The Cyber-Science Interactive 3D Model Package can save school districts significant costs associated with real dissections. This package also provides a superb method for learning natural structures that features:

  • The Presenter Tool that allows teachers and students to easily create their own 3D animations
  • Real-time interactivity that allows the students instant access to the structures via the ability to dissect the structures through a regional or system approach
  • An intuitive interface that allows the user to explore the structures in an intelligent manner
  • Transparency mode that allows the user to look inside the various layers of the structure
  • Hide/Unhide tool that allows the user to examine various layers simultaneously
  • Labeling that allows for learning and identifying parts
  • Peel tool that allows students to peel and remove layers of structures as in real life, and more!

For more information about SAFARI Montage or to purchase the new Cyber-Science Interactive 3D Model Package, contact 800.843.4549 or go to

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About Cyber Science 3D
Cyber Science 3D is a division of Cyber Anatomy Corp., which creates novel technologies for the education markets from K-12 to advanced medical learning. Cyber Science 3D provides a realistic and immersive environment for virtual dissection and exploration of anatomy, botany, zoology, earth sciences and much more. Teachers are able to advance their students’ understanding of the core curriculum by creating their own animations and simulations to embed in their curriculum. This technology breakthrough became the catalyst for other learning systems under the Cyber-Anatomy name. Because students are presented with unforgettable discovery of the 3D models, retention is magnified. Cyber-Anatomy, founded by two scientists both with Ph.D.’s in Engineering, is located in Iowa. The company was established on the following principles: Quality is vital; interactivity is essential; and visuals must be believable and realistic. For more information, visit


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