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SAFARI Montage Privacy Policy for Microsoft Teams Integration

Last updated June 7, 2018

The SAFARI Montage product integration with Microsoft Teams (the “Feature”) is intended for use only by authorized SAFARI Montage users ("Users") that include educators, school administrators, students and parents who have a valid license or subscription to certain SAFARI Montage educational products. This Privacy Policy explains the type of information that the Feature collects about a User when a User utilizes the Feature and how this information is used. Schools and school districts must accept this privacy policy and are responsible for ensuring that they obtain consent to this Privacy Policy from all Users at their school, as may be required and in accordance with any and all applicable laws (including, without limitation, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), and other consent that may be required prior to the school district’s collection, use, and disclosure of User information, including, without limitation, information that is collected by the school’s servers resulting from the school’s on premise SAFARI Montage solution and the Feature. If you are a school district administrator, do not activate the Feature on your school district’s on premise SAFARI Montage system unless your school district consents to this Privacy Policy and all consent has been received and documented in accordance with applicable law. Activation and continued use of the Feature constitutes consent to this Privacy Policy.

About the Feature
Microsoft Teams is an online service hosted and managed by Microsoft, Inc. (“Microsoft”) which facilitates collaboration and communication among a group of individuals organized via the service into a team. The SAFARI Montage Feature was created by Library Video Company d/b/a SAFARI Montage (the “Company”) to allow a User’s school district to permit single sign on to a User’s SAFARI Montage account when the User logs into their Microsoft account, and permits assignments and links to content from a User’s SAFARI Montage account to be shared with a Microsoft Teams team to which the User belongs. In addition, Users with appropriate posting credentials (e.g., teachers) may use the Feature to post assignments to Teams.

Information Collected and How It Is Used
To use the Feature, a SAFARI Montage school district administrator must configure the school’s SAFARI Montage solution to enable single sign on by its end users to the SAFARI Montage software via Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The administrator does this, in part, by saving the User’s Microsoft login email address in a location accessible to the SAFARI Montage software. When a User attempts to use the Feature, the SAFARI Montage software checks to see whether the User has a valid digital token issued by Microsoft when the User signs in via the Microsoft authentication service managed by the User’s school district. If found, and if the information in the User’s token matches the email address in the User’s SAFARI Montage account, the SAFARI Montage software grants the User access to the SAFARI Montage software.

The Feature can be used by a properly signed in User from within the SAFARI Montage software to share links to SAFARI Montage content with the User’s Microsoft Teams groups, or to create an assignment in Teams. When the User initiates a request from within the SAFARI Montage product to share content to or create an assignment in Teams, the request is routed through a server managed by the Company. This server obtains from Microsoft the User’s first and last name, their Microsoft username, their email address, a list of the User’s teams, a list of the User’s channels, and the User’s Microsoft Teams profile photo. In addition, the Company server receives from the User’s school district's server the User’s individual SAFARI Montage User Global ID in encrypted form and the SAFARI Montage content permanent link, and other non-User related information associated with the content that the User is attempting to share, where relevant (e.g., content related title, abstract, and thumbnail). The Company server also collects the User’s IP address, browser type, and version number. The information, including personal information and non-personal information, collected by the Company server in connection with this process is used to create a shareable, informational, digital card for sharing to Microsoft Teams (each, a “Card”), and to post the Card on the User’s behalf to the Team of the User’s choice. When the posting process is complete, the User’s team is able to see the Card and to see that the User has shared it to the team.

The Company is a third party service provider to the school district when the Company server is leveraged for use in the posting to Microsoft Teams functionality, and at all times the school retains control and remains responsible for Users and their access to the Feature and the school’s on premise SAFARI Montage system.

All of the information about a User received by the Company server is deleted upon fulfillment of the User’s request to post to Teams. The Company does not share, sell, or rent Users’ personal information to any third parties for their promotional purposes. However, the Company is not responsible for Users’ school districts’ privacy practices. Questions about how the User’s school district may collect, use, and share personal information from and about Users as a result of their use of SAFARI Montage products, including, without limitation, as a result of their use of the Feature, should be directed by the User or their parent to the User’s school. Please note that school districts must have their own independent relationship with Microsoft in order to leverage the capacity of the Feature, and the Company has no control over the terms of such relationship or any agreements that may exist between the school district and Microsoft governing such relationship.

In addition, please understand that Microsoft is a third party, and that any access to and use of Microsoft services by a User, including, without limitation, Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory, is subject to Microsoft’s privacy policies and practices.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
The Company may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. In that case, the "last updated" date at the top of this Privacy Policy will be revised. Please periodically review this Privacy Policy for updates and revisions. Continued use of the Feature constitutes consent to any such revisions.

Contact Information

The Company welcomes your comments and questions regarding this Privacy Policy by contacting us at TechSupport@SAFARIMontage.com.