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Alliances with premier educational video publishers bring digital content directly into classrooms and libraries through SAFARI Montage®. SAFARI Montage provides schools with digital access to their choice of the finest educational video content, including:

Schlessinger Media

This dynamic and award-winning programming division of Library Video Company has set the standard for outstanding supplemental learning in and out of the classroom. The Schlessinger Media library contains over 1,000 programs and focuses on a comprehensive core-curricular collection for grades K–8 as well as 9–12. Schlessinger Media's high production standards have resulted in many award-winning series including American History for Children, Ancient Civilizations for Children, United States History and The Way Things Work.


SAFARI Montage is an authorized digital distributor of PBS' library of full-length programs to K–12 schools nationwide, offering over 1,500 award-winning PBS programs such as Ken Burns' The Civil War and Cyberchase. A recent Grunwald Associates survey showed that teachers pick PBS as their top classroom choice for TV content. Through the alliance with SAFARI Montage, educators will have unprecedented in-school access to PBS' award-winning content. PBS is a trusted community resource that enriches the lives of all Americans through quality programs and education services that inform, inspire and delight.

60 Second Recap

60second Recap® wants to make the great works of literature accessible, relevant and irresistible to today's student. Literary elements such as theme, character, plot, symbolism and motif are explored in short video format for classics such as Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hamlet, Night, Animal Farm, The Crucible, Lord of the Flies, Their Eyes Were Watching God and many more. 60second Recap® videos seek to help teens engage with the best books out there...not just to help them get better grades, but to help them build better lives.


A+E Networks, LLC. is an award-winning global media content company that offers consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television networks to web sites, in addition to home videos/DVDs, gaming and educational software. A+E Networks is comprised of A&E® Network, Lifetime®, HISTORY®, LMN®, BIO., H2, HISTORY en Español, Crime & Investigation Network, Military HISTORY, Lifetime Real Women®, A&E IndieFilms®, A+E Networks International®, A+E Networks Digital® and A+E Networks Consumer Products. At A+E Networks, we are passionate about bringing human stories to life, knowing that it is in life itself that those stories originate.

Adina's Deck

Producers of the award-winning "Adina's Deck" series which protects teens from online dangers and teaches them appropriate technology behaviors.

Adventure Productions

Adventure Productions is a full-service video production company operating in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1993. We have decades of industry experience in commercial and corporate video, nature documentaries and weekly television series. Our team also specializes in adventure and underwater videography, filming in locations around the world. We are the creators and producers of Aqua Kids, an award-winning television series that motivates young people to protect and preserve our marine and aquatic environments. Hosted by an enthusiastic teenage cast, the programs are an entertaining blend of science and information, with a special focus on the importance of regional ecosystems.

Allied Video

Allied Video Corporation's quality educational programs have consistently received excellent ratings from many distinguished professional reviewing organizations. Watch fundamental math concepts come to life!

Almanac Newsreel

The visually compelling Almanac Newsreel archive provides students with a history-in-the-making perspective on the most influential social, political and military events of the first half of the 20th century and shortly thereafter. Edited from the Hearst Metrotone Newsreels, which ran in movie theaters in the 30s and 40s, Almanac is a remarkable day-by-day chronicle. It packs rich imagery and detailed information into brief 3½-minute clips that feature moments such as the unprecedented flight of Amelia Earhart across the Pacific in 1935, Fidel Castro's triumphant entry into Havana in 1959 and the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. In addition, Almanac offers historical retrospectives on significant dates such as the birthday of George Washington in 1732, the admission of Texas into the Union in 1845 and the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy in 1802. Valuable as primary source material and for its extraordinary scope of coverage, Almanac also delivers a rare glimpse into historical events as seen through the lens of the media of the time.

Ambrose Video

Ambrose Video creates educational science and history content, along with other award-winning educational films that serve the diverse needs of schools and libraries. The highly regarded BBC Shakespeare content features some of Britain's most distinguished theatrical talent, including Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman and Ben Kingsley.

Aperture Films

Aperture Films is an award-winning group of filmmakers, interactive digital designers, animators, strategic thinkers and doers. We create unforgettable visual experiences and impactful communications. The team at Aperture has worked on some of the most groundbreaking documentaries ever produced, having garnered Academy Awards and Emmy nominations. Each year over 20 million people watch our productions at museums and visitor centers around the world.

Apperson Prep

Apperson creates smart and friendly solutions for assessing performance and measuring success, including broadcast-quality math videos built on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, all of which are developed from a very detailed lesson plan created by highly trained classroom teachers. Apperson's products and services are now used in more than 85% of school districts in the U.S., as their broad range of service offerings accommodates everything from the individual teacher or classroom to a school or district.

Bayview Entertainment

BayView Entertainment, LLC, is a full service media company committed to acquire, develop, produce, market and distribute audio-visual content. For over fifteen years, BayView made its name by being dedicated to releasing only the best programs in each category from some of the most trusted names in the field. Among Bayview's extensive catalog you will find acclaimed feature films from Monterey Media. Monterey Media's films have been nominated or won Independent Spirit Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and NAACP Image Awards, have had 14 TIFF premieres, premieres at Sundance, SXSW, and the Tribeca Film Festivals, as well as being included on Roger Ebert's 10 Best Independent Films list.

BBC Active

Well-known series from BBC Active, including Eyewitness, The History of Science are now available on SAFARI Montage. BBC Active, a joint-venture between Pearson Education, the world's largest education company, and BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm of the BBC, incorporates adult learning, children's publishing, foreign language and English language teaching. The BBC Active brand aims to revolutionize learning through a range of different media to give people of all ages the opportunity to expand their lives and minds.

Benchmark Media

Benchmark is a 40-year-old company, well known to educators in the U.S. and world-wide, as a producer and distributor of high-quality curricular videos designed specifically for use in schools and colleges. All of Benchmark Media's core-curricular titles are available in all formats.


Bennett-Watt provides award-winning high-definition video programming. Producers of the award-winning Discoveries...America series, their most current series—and the only series filmed in high definition—that truly looks at the positive aspects of what makes America great. From New York to California and every state in between, plus Washington, D.C., you'll find exceptional photography, interesting subjects and fascinating stories that will capture America for today and for tomorrow.


The goal of BestQuest Teaching Systems is to develop the most effective and engaging curriculum for students at a reasonable cost. BestQuest seeks to apply technology to the creation of engaging materials that can be used equally well in a classroom setting or for individual, self-paced learning. The company draws on the vast educational and technological experience of its employees and partners, extensive research of existing products and the directives of leading educators. BestQuest continues to create additional product lines to serve the needs of educators and enhance the intellect of today's students. BestQuest is the producer of Algebra'scool and Math'scool—two innovative and dynamic teaching systems that present comprehensive mathematics curricula through effective and entertaining animations, lively graphics, concrete examples and real-world explanations—making it easy for students to grasp and understand the content.

Channel 4 Learning

Channel 4 Learning began in 1993. Although not much has changed in the formal education market in the past 18 years, Channel 4 Learning's commitment to providing innovative, curriculum-focused products and services to motivate and inspire teachers and learners has remained a constant.

Christy Lane Enterprises

For 25 years Christy Lane Enterprises has provided award-winning dance and movement programming to both the educational market and the general public. Our mission is to promote wellness through dance and music, and all of our programs are designed with this mission in mind. We produce content with clean, appropriate lyrics and pride ourselves on their quality and style.

Crystal Productions

Crystal Productions is a publisher and producer of visual art education resources for teachers and students from Pre–K to college. For 35 years we have developed programs and products for learning art history and appreciation, art styles, art skills, art careers, elements of art and principles of design, all produced to meet National Visual Arts Standards. Crystal Productions' art programs engage students of all ages and cultures and develop their intellectual, creative and social skills. Art education begins with Crystal!


Cyber-Science 3D is an interactive tool for the learning and exploration of natural anatomy and biological structures. Our easy-to-use tools include detailed anatomical models of various plants and animals, as well as microorganisms, and also contains the delicate architecture of various biological and geological structures. Integrating Cyber-Anatomy's trademarked novel interface and incorporating truly lifelike visuals, the result is a compelling experience for dissecting plants or animals (or manipulating entire cell structures) while providing advanced visualization and real-time interactive techniques. The user can fully interact with each model to follow nerve paths, examine discrete internal structures, peel apart muscles and cell walls, and look into underlying structures.


Since 1945, schools across the country have turned to Disney Educational Productions (DEP) for award-winning media materials that enhance classroom lessons and unlock student creativity. Disney Educational Productions has evolved to incorporate new technologies—video, DVD, books and multimedia kits—to meet the changing demands of the education marketplace. Educators will have access to ABC News Classroom Edition via digital delivery. Drawing on the skills and knowledge of a vast network of educational experts, DEP brings the famous Disney magic to a range of curriculum-based media learning products. DEP helps educators maximize each program's educational power by developing educators' guides, student activities and other supplemental resources.

Dreamscape Media

Dreamscape Media is an Award-winning media publisher of book-based children's read-along video programs. Dreamscape Media prides itself on offering high-quality and accessible entertainment for the entire family. We are passionate about our content and continuously strive for excellence.


FortunaPIX is a global leader in developing digital education with measurable impact. Our fascinating 3D animated stereo content seamlessly transforms abstract concepts into visually engaging learning experiences. We offer the largest library of 3D videos and learning objects for biology, physics, chemistry and earth science education, all of which captivate students' attention and encourage learning with proven results.

Global Wonders

Children all over the world are experiencing "a wonderful world of cultural discoveries" with Global Wonders, a cross-cultural brand that introduces children to the vibrant and varied cultures of their family, friends, neighbors and the world.

Global Oneness Project

Founded in 2006 as an initiative of Kalliopeia Foundation, the Global Oneness Project offers multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school and college classrooms. Our award-winning collection of films, photo essays, and articles explore cultural, social, and environmental issues with a humanistic lens. Aligned to National and Common Core Standards, our curriculum content contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning and facilitates the development of active, critical thinking.


Grammaropolis is where grammar lives! Hailed as a Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st Century, Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in songs and videos. Because the parts of speech are personified based on their roles in the sentence, the characterization provides students with a more effective way to visualize and internalize the roles of the parts of speech and to identify how a sentence is put together. Grammaropolis was created and refined in the ultimate proving grounds: the classroom. Our advisors include standards-compliant curriculum experts, elementary and middle school teachers and administrators, and publishing and entertainment industry professionals.

Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics is committed to providing quality informational and educational products in the physical activity and health fields that meet the needs of our diverse customers. Human Kinetics leads the world in providing information related to physical activity. That information takes many forms, from textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books and journals, to online courses, software and audio-visual products. The information touches the lives of millions of people worldwide who are interested in some form of physical activity, including students, personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, athletes, coaches, physical educators, nutritionists, parents and sedentary people who want to become active.

Immediacy Learning

Wholly owned by Rhonda Fabian and Jerry Baber, Fabian-Baber set the standard for educational media that is diverse, inclusive, aligned to core curriculum and technically excellent. In 2017, the company changed its name to Immediacy Learning to reflect the changing needs of learners for content that is more granular, personal and timely.

IRC History

IRC: History Pictures content gets students deeply involved in the study of history. History comes alive with over 8,800 beautiful images, maps and primary source audio recordings that cover the vast sweep of American and world history.


izzit.org is dedicated to teaching the next generation about the ideas, institutions, and benefits of a free society. At the same time, we seek to foster the critical thinking skills necessary for young people to become independent-minded, fully engaged citizens. To prepare students for successful self-government, we help them understand the foundational ideas of our republic, such as individual liberty, personal responsibility, and equality before the law. We design our curriculum materials to promote thoughtful discussion and respectful debate about issues and events. We encourage a healthy skepticism about authoritative claims, so that students learn to seek out evidence rather than accept assertions. In this way, young people develop the ability to use reason and common sense to evaluate the information they will encounter throughout their lives.

Janson Media

Established in 1989, Janson Media is an independent media company based in the United States, specializing in television, DVD and digital distribution. The company has licensed content to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include major broadcasters, media companies, distributors and digital media platforms. A small but vibrant and creative organization, Janson Media is a well-known and respected brand within the content distribution business.

Kino Lorber

Kino Lorber EDU provides films that make a true difference in classroom teaching by presenting provocative arguments, insightful approaches and stories to encourage critical thinking. Films from Kino Lorber EDU will spark discussion and create a basis for enthusiastic learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Challenge your students to question accepted assumptions and to reach their personal potential.

Language Tree

The ability to speak more than one language opens doors to new life opportunities for a child: greater career possibilities, enhanced academic performance, and better understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Language Tree's products serve as extremely effective supplemental tools that support language teaching in both home and classroom settings.

Learn Locker

A leading provider of the world's best educational video programs and multimedia content. With a library of over 15,000 titles, they serve educational institutions around the world - elementary, secondary, post-secondary, libraries - learners of all ages in their homes and educational and broadcasting organizations globally.

Liacos Educational Media

The highest-quality video resources for middle and high school science classrooms. Specifically created to make it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn!

Live Oak Media

For over thirty years Live Oak Media has produced distinctive readalong and video recordings of classic and award-winning children's literature for ages 3–12. As a small, family-owned company, we are dedicated to providing our young listeners with meaningful reading, listening, and viewing experiences. Our recordings have received distinguished recognition, including two ALA Odyssey Awards and three Grammy® Awards, as well as Audie Awards, ALA Notable Recordings and outstanding reviews.

Mage Math

Mage Math specializes in making animated videos to help assist kids in the math learning process. Our videos teach the basic math concepts in the lower grades of elementary school. The videos are used in and outside the classroom to assist educators and parents in the instruction of math concepts. We use 3D and 2D animation to help students get off to an amazing start in their journey with math.


Makematic develops, distributes and licenses short form educational video and animation that young audiences love. We partner with high-profile museums, foundations, brands and publishers to develop branded educational video for our Channels and beyond. Our goal is to be the trusted education media partner for brands, publishers and non-profits—helping them do more and better video, and to inspire the next generation of global learners.

Marsh Media

For 42 years, Marsh Media's distinctive educational materials have delighted and informed children and taught them to live more effectively in their diverse and rapidly changing worlds. The company's thoughtfully developed materials consistently win the respect and the commendation of parents, teachers and guidance counselors across the country.

Master Communications

Master Communications curates and publishes educational content. Our mission is to inform and inspire curious minds while exposing students to the diverse cultures and languages of the world.

Mazzarella Media

Mazzarella Media produces and distributes its own distinctive, high-quality educational media to professionals in learning organizations worldwide. Each title is purposely created for use in the classroom to excite learners, teach all ages and energize any learning environment.

Media Inc

Media Inc. creates insightful, fun and creative video content for educators and students, with a special focus on content for the Language Arts classroom.

Media Rich Learning

Media Rich Learning is an independent producer and educational publisher based in Chicago who creates award-winning video programs and multimedia products that inspire and challenge students. Their popular U.S. History series, America in the 20th Century, is used in classrooms across the country and around the world, and it has come to be known as one of the finest standards-aligned video surveys of 20th-Century American History available today.


Middlebury Interactive Languages, the recognized leader in digital world language instruction for K–12 students, offers a full suite of courses in Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Latin—from elementary through high school, including Advanced Placement - with flexible implementation models. Courses can be delivered fully online, used in a blended learning environment or as supplemental material to bring authenticity and culture to the classroom setting. All courses are developed by academics exclusively for the education market and utilize Middlebury College's immersion teaching pedagogy and teaching methodology. Courses align with the National Standards developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

National Geographic

National Geographic Digital Media distributes digital content globally to the education, mobile, video game, stock footage and broadband markets, and through nationalgeographic.com. Digital Media is responsible for National Geographic's archive and repository for all film and videotape material produced by National Geographic Television & Film (NGT&F). It also represents footage from National Film Board of Canada, World Bank, ZDF Enterprises, WPA Film Library, ABC Australia and the White House Historical Association in select territories. Its fully cataloged, searchable database is available online at www.ngtlibrary.com. National Geographic Digital Media is a division of National Geographic Ventures, a wholly owned, taxable subsidiary of the National Geographic Society.


NCircle Entertainment's award-winning children's programs have entertained and educated kids for generations! Count on NCircle for Ntelligent, Ngaging, Ncredible children's entertainment!


Parthenon Entertainment Limited is a multimedia rights management company that develops, produces and distributes a diverse portfolio of high-quality factual and children's properties for the global marketplace.


For more than 40 years, millions of Americans and citizens of the world have turned to the PBS NewsHour for the solid, reliable reporting that has made it one of the most trusted news programs on television.

Phoenix Film

The high quality of the Phoenix film library has brought the company hundreds of awards from both U.S. and international film and video festivals, including several Blue and Red Ribbon awards at the American Film Festival, CINE Golden Eagles and an Academy Award® for the best live-action short film production of the popular children's book, Molly's Pilgrim.

Physics Curriculum

Physics Curriculum & Instruction is organized to act as both a developer and publisher of physical science educational materials. Based upon an assessment of educational needs, new products are developed by educators and college professors from a variety of schools and universities. Our exceptionally skilled authors have produced what many consider to be the finest materials available for physics education. Having been in existence for over 20 years, our highly acclaimed materials can be found in widespread use throughout the United States and many countries worldwide.

Pilot Productions

Pilot Productions inspires and educates its audience by creating powerful programming that encourages people to discover and learn more about the world around them. The 9-volume "Empire Builders" brings to life 9 great empires, with each episode visiting the most significant sites that defined their respective achievements and legacy. "Empire Builders" visits 90+ historic sites, discovering how they were built, for what purpose, and what they reveal about the empire’s rise and fall.

Planet Bonehead

Planet Bonehead seeks to entertain and inspire a new generation of environmentalists to become master stewards of our one and only planet Earth. Starring an original cast of cartoon characters, Planet Bonehead is both entertainment and environmental/conservation education rolled into one.

Principal Media

Based in Beverly Hills, Principal Media has produced and distributed top-level TV programming since 2005. Our worldwide distribution division is a respected presence in the international TV marketplace, representing a diverse range of award-winning programming including 500+ cross-curriculum videos produced for middle and high school students.

Professor Child

Professor Child develops educational films and workbooks for children focusing on challenging events that may arise in a child's life like divorce, death and grief, growing up in a military family and autism. Our documentary-style films highlight the personal stories of children who have experienced these challenges firsthand. In each film, children share their experience with the specific topic, what has helped, what they've learned, and advice for other children.

QA International

QA International is a leading publisher and creator of visually innovative reference works for readers of all ages. Recognized as a pioneer in the design and production of outstanding products for the international market, QA International has earned a solid reputation among its partners around the world. Its high-quality videos feature a combination of animations and step-by-step explanations that helps readers fully grasp even the most difficult concepts and techniques.

Reading Rainbow

The entire collection of the Emmy Award-winning PBS children's series Reading Rainbow is available on SAFARI Montage. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the critically acclaimed Reading Rainbow is designed to promote literacy and encourages children to read by bringing books to life and transporting young learners to exciting, real-life settings. Its dynamic, fast-paced, colorful animation and hip music entertain and reinforce these experiences, and help children embrace positive reading habits and instill in them a love of learning. The series has received international acclaim, garnering more than 250 awards, including a prestigious Peabody and nine Parents' Choice awards. Each program presents a featured book along with animated sequences, original songs, special guests, live-action field trips illustrating the show's theme and book reviews presented by young readers of other books on similar topics that viewers might enjoy.

Red Willow Files

What does it mean to "go green" as a teen? More and more young people want to know the answer to that question. Now there's Eco Company, a national TV show on a quest to find answers. Eco Company, produced by Red Willow Films, is hosted by a dynamic group of teens who combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm to preserve the planet they will inherit. From reporting on the latest technologies in energy, recycling, conservation and organics to sharing the stories of young people making a positive impact on the environment.


Scholastic Corporation (NASDAQ: SCHL) is the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books and a leader in educational technology. Scholastic Entertainment (SE), the entertainment and media division, is a leading producer of quality, family-oriented feature films, television programming, videos and web sites, and it is a major developer and marketer of children's brands worldwide. SE's acclaimed productions include the Emmy Award-winning series The Magic School Bus® (TLC), starring Lily Tomlin, and the award-winning Dear America® and The Royal Diaries series, among many others.

Seven Dimensions

Seven Dimensions (7D) was founded in 1979 by psychologist Eve Ash, who was inspired by John Cleese to produce comedy films so learning at work could be fun. Over 700 videos, documentaries and TV shows have been filmed in Australia and the USA. Best-selling programs on leadership, interpersonal skills, health and youth programs sell worldwide. 7D also provides learning resources, workshops, seminars and creative production and consulting services.

Sinking Ship Entertainment

Sinking Ship Entertainment is an award-winning production, distribution and digital media company that specializes in kids' live-action cross-platform content. Since its launch in 2004, Sinking Ship Entertainment has rapidly built a reputation for high quality ground-breaking work.

Steve Procko Productions

Talkin' Money is produced by Steve Procko Productions, LLC (SPP) a film and video production company that has been in business for more than 30 years. SPP has developed a solid reputation for cost-effective, high-quality commercial production in South Florida offices that includes an Avid Media Composer edit suite, During its history, SPP has been awarded four Emmys, two ProMax Awards, and over fifty Addy awards. In December, 2015; Talkin' Money was awarded an Emmy Award in the Educational/Schools category from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Suncoast Chapter.

Stuck Ltd

Stuck Ltd was launched in 2011 by Teresa Watts and Helen Royle, both of whom have spent over 20 years working in television at the BBC and ITV. Stuck Ltd specializes in producing high quality video lessons which presently include math and computer science tutorials.

Tim Podell Productions

Tim Podell Productions is the nation's leading source of children's book authors video profiles. Our programs have been designed to help put a face on the author. We want to make sure that students feel like they know the author - not just by hearing them talk about their books, but by learning about their pets, families, interests and hobbies. We believe this helps students enjoy reading the author's work, and this enjoyment, in turn, helps to make them become better readers.

TMW Media Group

As one of the nations leading creators and developers of educational, award-winning programming, TMW has become known as one of the top video labels for the educational, institutional and home schooling market places. Our educational catalog contains of pre-school- to collegiate-level programs that address a diverse number of subject areas. TMW's vast library is heralded by educators for its quality, versatility and compatibility with best practices for teaching and learning.


Twin Cities Public Television is among the primary content producers for the public television system. By creating informative and entertaining content, Twin Cities Public Television deeply engages millions of adults and children around the nation and the world.


Vat19 produces and sells award-winning special interest and educational video content on DVD. The superior quality of Vat19 productions have earned them many awards and fabulous reviews from respected publications such as School Library Journal, Video Librarian, Booklist and more.


VEA (Video Education America) is part of a group of companies incorporating VEA (Video Education Australasia. founded in 1978) and Classroom Video. With key distribution and customer service centers located in New York, VEA produces over 100 educational programs a year, each specifically correlated to the K–12 curriculum and designed to bring learning to life for students across the USA and Canada. VEA is committed to excellence in the field of production, marketing and distribution of educational video resources.

Video Encyclopedia

This exceptional video encyclopedia provides a compelling visual perspective and record of the 20th century. Unlike any other visual educational resource available, The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century is a vast resource, representing 77 hours of primary source content and over 2,300 searchable segments covering the people, events and issues responsible for shaping the years 1893–1990. Tied to the curriculum, historical footage highlights landmark moments as they happened, bringing social studies, science, history, foreign affairs, politics, inventions, the arts, pop culture, social trends and many other subjects to life. Many of the clips capture original sound while others are unencumbered by added music, sound effects or commentary, thus presenting the events as they were recorded by film and television news cameras.

Video Project

Founded in 1983, our mission is to provide the best media programming available on critical social and global issues to classrooms and communities to help advance awareness and encourage action on the most important concerns of our times.

Visual Learning Systems

Visual Learning Systems is an educational science publisher whose mission is to provide high quality, visual-based content that instructs, challenges, and inspires students. Video programs feature live-action footage and animations, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary and clear visual cues for understanding to support the K-12 curriculum.


VisualZ makes teaching children about health, nutrition and life skills a lot easier (and more fun!). Created by teachers for teachers, VisualZ has been the leader in creating new and innovative health, nutrition and life skills learning products for more than ten years. Our mission is to design, create and deliver innovative messages on many topics including nutrition, child development, family living, character education, careers, financial management and other life skills.

Watch Me Learn

Watch Me Learn is a scientifically proven method of effective video teaching. Our engaging videos teach skills across many areas of functioning, including language, social behavior, play, emotion, academics and adaptive skills, all while children are having so much fun they don't even realize they are learning! Watch Me Learn was originally designed for children with autism and other developmental delays, but it has evolved to be a teaching tool for all children. Not only does video modeling teach, it's very easy to use because kids love it and are naturally attracted to it.

Weston Woods

Where books come alive! Weston Woods Studios has been the principal innovator in the translation of picture books into the audiovisual media. Now educators will have digital access to fine-fare programs such as Chrysanthemum, Strega Nona and The Mouse and the Motorcycle through SAFARI Montage. Weston Woods Studios' adaptations are faithful reflections of classic children's picture books designed to motivate beginning, struggling, reluctant and limited English language-proficient readers to WANT to read. Their materials provide an alternative reading experience that is inspiring, enriching and fun.


With popular and well-known series such as Arthur, Between the Lions and NOVA available on SAFARI Montage, educators will enjoy the best of public television from America's preeminent public broadcasting producer, WGBH. For more than fifty years, WGBH has enriched people's lives through programs and services that educate, inspire and entertain.

Wonderscape Education

Wonderscape Education provides cross-curricular education videos that engage, entertain and challenge students while making learning fun!

Worldplay Inc.

We believe that film has the power to inspire students and connect them with new experiences, their communities, and their curricula. The mission of Worldplay, Inc., the production company behind the Sign with Robert series, is to provide opportunities for Deaf talent both on and off the screen, create quality content for mainstream markets, foster positive role models in the media and encourage all parents with Deaf children to learn ASL.