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    Steerage Passengers Arriving at New York, 1907
    $30 Reward for capture of runaway NC slave
    ''Duck and Cover'' Civil Defense warning
    ''Ruffles & Flourishes'' for the President
    ''Tokyo Rose'' in a broadcast on August 14, 1944
    A little boy, portrait bust by Settignano
    A young boy, by Antonio Rossellino
    A Young Boy by Andrea della Robbia
    Air Force One arrives at Beijing, Feb. 1972
    Alexander the Great by Verrocchio
    Angle of Repose, won Pulitzer Prize
    Apollo Sauroktonos by Praxiteles
    Apoxyomenos, a statue by Lysippos
    Assignats, currency, French Revolution
    Autumn Over Beijing's Suburbs
    Bacchus (1496) by Michelangelo
    Bateliers strike at Pontoise, 1936
    Bonhomme Richard vs. H.M.S. Serapis
    Bunraku, or puppet theater
    Capitão mor, Brazil, ca. 1835
    Ch'omsongdae, Oldest observatory in Orient
    Christ of the Earthquake Cuzco, Peru
    Corregidores punishing an Indian
    Couriers des bois gather around a campfire
    David, and an unfinished work
    Death of Francesca Tornabuoni, Verrochio
    Death of Francesca Tornabuoni, mourning
    Diamond Mountains, a painting by Chong Son
    Dionysius by Praxiteles
    Discobolus by Myron, ca. 460 B.C
    Divine Soldiers Descend on Palembamg
    El Pueblo de los Angeles
    Enjoying the Zither, by emperor Song Huizong
    Enola Gay after dropping first atomic bomb
    Faith, a marble statue by Mino da Fiesole
    Francesco Sasetti, by Rossellino
    Gattamelata (ca. 1450) by Donatello
    Giuliano de' Medici, marble portrait bust
    Hermes with Dionysius, by Praxiteles
    Indian & Mule Turning Monarchical Waterwheel
    Inquilinos (sharecroppers), Chile, ca. 1900
    Integralistas, Brazil
    Islote (Little Island) by Altamirano
    J'Accuse, by Emile Zola
    John the Baptist, by Donatello
    Judith and Holofernes by Donatello
    Kabuki stage at the National Theater, Tokyo
    La Scala, the opera house in Milan, Italy
    La Terra de Hochelaga Nella Nova Francia
    Lady with a Nosegay, a bust by Verrocchio
    Look, Uncle - there's a bully pear!
    Madonna and Child by Ghiberti
    Madonna of the Rose Bower, by della Robbia
    Maitreya (Miruk) Buddha, Popchusa Temple
    Maitreya Buddha at Kwanch'oksa Temple
    Mandarin with Opium Pipe
    Marietta Strozzi, by Settignano
    McClure's Magazine
    McTeague, an 1899 book by Frank Norris
    Melancholia I, 1 of 4 dispositions
    Mercedes' Crucifix, a 1908 Sunset story
    Music with Orpheus, relief, Andrea Pisano
    My, My Such Possibilities
    New Englands Prospect
    Observations on Inslaving...Negroes, 1758
    Order and Progress, Mexico City, 1900
    Painter at work, a relief by Andrea Pisano
    Palestrina Pietà, Michelangelo
    Paulista soldiers, 1932
    Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser
    Perón Cumple (Perón Delivers)
    Perseus Displaying the Head of Medusa
    Philadelphia and Trenton Packet steamboat
    Piero de' Medici by Mino da Fiesole, 1453
    Pietro Aretino, portrait bust by Sansovino
    Poor Richard's Almanack
    Portrait of Marquesa de San Jorge de Bogotá
    Prayer to Osiris from the Book of the Dead
    Punch cartoon , about White Australia Policy
    Queen Mary arrives with troops from Europe
    Rurales in Mexico, ca. 1906
    Samurai armor
    San Jacinto stops British ship Trent
    Savonarola by Stefano Galletti
    Sculptor at work, relief by Andrea Pisano
    Seppuku, warrior ritual suicide
    Serapis & Bon Homme Richard battle
    Shino ware
    Singing Children, by Luca della Robbia
    Sinopia for fresco of a Madonna and Child
    Slaves Thanking Master for the Law of 1871
    Spinario, a late Hellenistic bronze statue
    St. Bernard of Siena, by Vecchietta
    St. George by Donatello, 1416
    Strange News from Virginia
    Teacher and students by Andrea Pisano
    The Adoration of the Christ Child, Rustici
    The Belvedere Apollo
    The Californian, the first CA newspaper
    The Disembarkation, part of a scroll
    The Feminine Mystique
    The Great Harry, 1553
    The Land of Little Rain, by Mary Austin
    The Last Judgment, Notre Dame, Paris
    The Lovers, a sculpture group by Rodin
    The Madonna of Humility, by della Quercia
    The Madonna of Humility, della Robbia
    The Nativity, by Giovanni della Robbia
    The Nativity, detail, della Robbia
    The Octopus, a 1901 novel by Frank Norris
    The Pit, a 1903 novel by Frank Norris
    The Temptation of St. Anthony
    The Three Sages
    The Trench, by José Clemente Orozco
    The Village Doctor by Li Tang
    The Wave, a weekly SF magazine 1890-1900
    The Wrestler, Olmec civilization, 150 B.C
    Thirty-Six Immortal Poets, by Sakai Hoitsu
    Titanic struck an iceberg and sank
    Torii, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Island
    Trompe l'Oeil ceiling in San' Ignazio
    Trying Out Tallow, Monterey, ca. 1830
    Urbs Domingo in Hispaniola
    Victory breaks Franco-Spanish line
    Victory returns, mourning Nelson's death
    Viking 2 view of Mars
    Voyager 1 view of Saturn's rings
    Yorktown receives a direct hit
    yubi (round piece of jade), from Western Han
    11th anniversary of Hitler's abortive 1923 putsch
    13th century penbox inlaid with copper and silver
    14c mortar, Alcázar of Segovia
    14th c. brass bowl, inlaid with silver and gold
    1544 map of Magellan's voyage
    1551 Portuguese drawing of Columbo, Ceylon
    1552 map of New France by Gastaldo
    1557 sailors using instruments of navigation
    1570 world map, without Australia
    1578 Portuguese map of central Africa
    1590 map showing Drake's Bay as an inlet
    15th-century clock displays Ptolemaic universe
    15th-century plague victim with three physicians
    15th-century surgical instruments
    1660 map shows Charles County, MD, Court House
    1672 Jesuit map of Lake Superior and nearby areas
    1691 map of the Cadodacho Indian settlement
    1692 Coronelli map showing California as island
    16th-century blacksmiths
    16th-century pulpit in St. Stephen's, Vienna
    17-year-old member of French Resistance
    1769 chart of San Diego harbor
    17th century illustration of Irrigation device
    17th century sea battle, Europeans vs. Ottomans
    17th-century French cartoon on Catholic dissent
    17th-century townhouses in Magdeburg
    1804 British cartoon lampoons unpreparedness
    1830s European map of Africa
    1844 Whig campaign banner
    1860 strike of 800 women shoemakers in Lynn, MA
    1868 Republican Convention nominates U.S. Grant
    1884 Mississippi cotton plantation
    1885 novel about a railroad/Hispanic conflict
    1900 Presidential campaign, victory for McKinley
    1905 Sunset ad urging people to move to CA
    1911 political cartoon, Punch, London
    1912 recording, Theodore Roosevelt, ''square deal''
    1918 recording, Gen. Pershing on World War I
    1920 Chinese residents of San Francisco
    1920's golfer Robert Tyre Bobby Jones, Jr
    1923 German poster protests French in the Ruhr
    1924 Freed-Eisemann radio receiver
    1925 Buick ad
    1928 Buenos Aires May Day (Labor Day) celebration
    1929 Diego Rivera mural in Cortés' palace
    1930s procession to advocate boycott of liquor
    1939 cartoon of Nazis playing cards in Patagonia
    1941 radio plea for aluminum for defense
    1961Mexico City rally for president Adolfo Mateos
    1982 political map of Israel & neighboring states
    1985 map, mainland Southeast Asia
    1988 Republican Presidential Candidates
    19th Amendment goes to states for ratification
    19th c. etching of French consulate in Tianjin
    19th c. Protestant-sponsored industrial school
    19th-century cannon at Culzean Castle, Scotland
    1st sugar sale, Durban, South Africa, 1856
    20 mule team hauling borax in the Mojave Desert
    20-mule teams pulling combined harvesters
    2008 Governor letter about U.S. emergency loan
    20th-century version of Columbus's reception
    21-year-old in the Yugoslav People's Army
    3500 Thanksgiving Dinners at Corning, 1920s
    369th Infantry Regiment marches up Fifth Avenue
    4-year-old Mary,.shucks oysters
    75% of Harvard freshman in 1946 were veterans
    A fortified Maori village
    A land grant to Cortés
    A cabildo abierto in Buenos Aires, 1810
    A camera obscura, forerunner of the camera
    A David-class torpedo boat
    A kamikaze attack
    A Maitreya Buddha
    A Mazorca official
    A No drama
    A Tale of Genji scroll
    A Wasp cover about The Post's editor
    A 12th-century timber hoarding
    A 13th century peasant butchering a pig
    A 14th-century gold separation mill
    A 14th-century merchant ship
    A 14th-century operation on the liver
    A 1543 illustration of posterior muscles
    A 1544 map of Magellan's voyage around the world
    A 1544 map of Magellan's voyage around the world
    A 1570 world map by Ortelius of Antwerp
    A 1581 map of the world as seen by Europeans
    A 15th-century apothecary's shop
    A 1657 French map of Florida
    A 1677 map of New England
    A 16th century Spanish ship
    A 16th-century army encampment
    A 16th-century dinner table at Hampton Court
    A 16th-century hospital
    A 16th-century joiner
    A 16th-century kitchen at Hampton Court
    A 16th-century lecture hall at Salamanca
    A 16th-century plague scene
    A 16th-century Spanish ship
    A 16th-century tailor shop
    A 16th-century toothpuller at a market
    A 1730 map of the Presidio de San Antonio
    A 1775 map of Boston
    A 1777 Continental bill for seven dollars
    A 1777 Pennsylvania bill for eight shillings
    A 1786 Rhode Island pound note
    A 17th-century Dutch warship
    A 17th-century English farmhouse
    A 17th-century rat-killer
    A 17th-century school for boys
    A 17th-century sedan chair
    A 1890 labor riot in Sydney
    A 1900 cartoon, Sigue Bajando, Going Down
    A 1902 Mercedes Simplex
    A 1908 photo of the wharf at Auckland
    A 1911 Prokudin-Gorsky color photograph
    A 1912 Packard 3-ton van in Chicago
    A 1913 Mack truck
    A 1915 British recruiting poster
    A 1916 cartoon, Villa Salutes the U.S. Flag
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