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Search by keyword, grade range, file type, copyright year, closed-captioning, teacher's guides, publisher and other criteria. Results are conveniently organized by digital format. As an IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperablility® (LTI®) conformance certified platform, SAFARI Montage allows users to perform a federated search of web-hosted digital resource databases directly from the interface. Import other digital asset databases into the SAFARI Montage system, thereby creating a superior alternative to a "federated search."

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All programs have rich, standardized metadata, including a description of segments, grade ranges and title descriptions. Segments include chapters and key concepts, and all metadata is fully searchable.

Learning Resource Type

Learning Resource Type (LRT) defines the intended use of a learning object or playlist for easier access when searching.

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Digital Course Resources (via Thin Common Cartridge)

NEW 8.5 IMS Global Thin Common Cartridge imports now support new learning object types including IMS LTI Audiobooks and Web Link Audiobooks


(Curated, meta-tagged, thumb-nailed, tied to standards, YouTube proxy server)

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LTI Resource Search

LOR users can search Illuminate SchoolCity Assessments and other third-party resource libraries directly from the LOR via LTI Resource Search.

Search results are displayed in separate search tab, and can be added to playlists, and easily shared to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and LMSs

LTI Federated Search