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WAN Manager

Enterprise Network Digital Media Management

With the SAFARI Montage® WAN Manager module, districts and regional media centers can control the storage, delivery, access and Digital Rights Management (DRM) of all of their digital media without compromising network integrity. It is a flexible and scalable system that is designed to optimize high-bandwidth networks with central servers or to accommodate low-bandwidth WANs by placing servers within the schools. In either environment, districts will enjoy the control and convenience of managing their content centrally. This system can be supplemented with a dedicated SAFARI Montage® Managed Home Access Module, which provides 24/7 access for teachers, students and parents to the district’s digital resources.

The WAN Manager module allows district System Administrators to control all system configurations, permissions and users by school from one interface, and features load-balancing functionality for efficient distribution regardless of bandwidth—especially ideal for a district transitioning its bandwidth scenario. A powerful SAFARI Montage® WAN server is the backbone of our Wide Area Network implementation, providing an elegant solution for delivering digital media throughout the district.

The combination of the efficient use of bandwidth and Digital Rights Management tools designed for K-12 education provides System Administrators with the control needed to manage video district wide. Because the SAFARI Montage system had been designed as an enterprise-class solution, it provides tools that a System Administrator needs to manage bandwidth consumption and monitor all servers.

Efficient Video Distribution

NEW 5.2 Video Resolution Management

Video Resolution Management

Simplified Storage Management

NEW 6.2 Administrators can easily identify Storage Space Available on SAFARI Montage content drives and monitor the storage space used by Existing CreationStation Media.

Storage Management

Admin Features

Manage and Monitor Servers and Usage in Real Time

Allow Remote Access

Permits SAFARI Montage Technical Support to remotely access local servers for troubleshooting and repair when necessary.

APC-UPS Monitor

Allows APC-UPS integration.

Bandwidth (Live)

Monitor live, accurate bandwidth consumption.

Bandwidth Restrictor

Restrict bandwidth usage as needed.

Data Recovery

Schedule back up of system and settings, along with user-created data and media, to any network destination.

DB Cache

Increase system performance by caching results.

District Approved Workflow

The Playlists and Content Pending Approval features provided by the WAN Manager module allow appointed Approvers to preview playlists and content before distributing, thereby protecting the district from copyright infringement and providing the Administrator with the ability to manage digital media licenses.

Manage Multiple LDAP Servers

Allows administrators to manage multiple LDAP groups and multiple LDAP servers.

Online Content Updates

Your SAFARI Montage® server will check nightly for any content updates that your server may require, and it will download updates according to the schedule configured by your site administrator.

School Management

Centrally manage all school preferences, settings, licenses and access to content.

Server Boot Times

View a snapshot of server uptime.

Server Load (Live)

Observe server load in real time.

Server Load Averages

Observe average server utilization by time of day.

Space Available

Identifies available storage space on drives containing content uploaded via SAFARI Montage CreationStation®.

Admin Tools

SAFARI Montage WAN Manager Purchase Information

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