The K-12 Open Interoperable Platform

The Dashboard & Portal

Intuitive, Feature-Rich and Easy to Use

The SAFARI Montage® user interface provides one-click classroom efficiency without intimidating teachers who may be technology-reluctant. With the latest release, even more features are available to enhance the teaching and learning experience! Curriculum directors, teachers and students can quickly retrieve all of their digital resources through a single, personalized dashboard.

NEW 6.1 Improved Dashboard Design!

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Additional Features



Sign on by using your existing LDAP network usernames and log-ins to access SAFARI Montage®. (Supports all major LDAP-compliant directories).

SAFARI Montage Performance

Major Performance Improvements

NEW 5.3 Resulting in a 30% increase to the dashboard, search, title and playlist page performance.

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News & Announcements

Effectively broadcast school news and other important messages, like superintendents’ addresses, to every desktop in your district.

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SAFARI Montage HD Network

Join our professional users' online community, where users can provide best practices ideas, exchange playlists and become more proficient at using SAFARI Montage®.