The K-12 Open Interoperable Platform

NEW 6.0

SAFARI Montage® Schoology Integration

SAFARI Montage integrates with Schoology via the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard to achieve:

Single Sign-On

One-Click Access to Schoology from the SAFARI Montage Dashboard Portal via an LTI Single Sign-On (SSO) feature

Easy Access to Resources

Teachers and administrators can easily integrate SAFARI Montage learning objects, including videos, quizzes and playlists, within a Schoology course

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SAFARI Montage - Schoology Integration Overview

"Because of [this] integration, we've been able to leverage the intuitive interface that Schoology's been offering our teachers and the rich content that we've been curating in the LOR in deliver that content to the students more quickly, and more importantly, [offer] teachers new options—new opportunities if you will—to grab different kinds of content they otherwise wouldn't have found...we needed to go to the best of breed and make them work together."

Leo Brehm
Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning,
Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, MA
Former Director of Information Technology and Library Media (CIO/CTO)
Newton Public Schools, MA