The K-12 Open Interoperable Platform

Software Upgrade Plan

Make the best of your investment by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest software upgrades, standards & correlations updates, and time-saving innovations for your teachers.

Here are some of the great new features and updates to SAFARI Montage Version 6.3 that are available when you purchase a Software Upgrade Plan*. NOTE: Upgrade may require the purchase of addtional hardware.

Learning Object Repository (LOR) Enhancements


Google Integration - Watch Video

  • Single Sign-On Access to Google Drive and Google Apps (Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar)
  • Perform a federated search of Google Drive from SAFARI Montage
  • Upload files from Google Drive in any of the 50+ supported file formats plus Google Drive file formats
  • Auto-convert Google file formats to PDF and compatible MS Office formats or JPEG
  • Continue to collaborate on shared Google files while accessing through the LOR
  • Watch the SAFARI Montage-Google Integration for System Admins Video and read the SAFARI Montage-Google Integration Admin Guide to learn more.
  • NOTE: Integration requires initial set-up by SAFARI Montage System Administrator. Districts must subscribe to SAFARI Montage LOR or Interoperability Support Services.

IPTV & Live Media Streaming Enhancements


SAFARI Montage HD Set-Top - Learn More

  • New high-performance set top box for streaming live and on-demand video via IP networks for HD display
  • Provides a versatile digital signage solution with HTML5 support and four customizable digital signage template themes

Universal Live Broadcaster (ULB)

  • Now provides HTML5 playback support for Selective Video Streaming
  • Support for WebM and FLV stream formats, providing fully integrated mobile, Chromebook and Chrome browser access to live SVS streams without a plug-in

Digital Learning Platform Enhancements



  • Course Developers and teachers can create text-based visual resources or select from a library of pre-created Slates when building lessons.

Rich Text and Math Equation Editor

  • Rich text editor fields and the ability to insert mathematical markup language have been added to lesson development areas, including Course & Lesson Overviews, Get it?, Assignments and Vocabulary

Improved User Interface & Experience

  • Improvements to Lesson Prep and Summaries, Course Overview, Assignments and Course Standards

Video Streaming Library Enhancements**


New Open Educational Resources

* If coverage is desired, each school connected to the WAN must purchase the Plan. Software Upgrade Plan terms will apply.

**Access to new content may require the purchase of an additional hard drive or other products. Subject to license terms and conditions, and require an active Core Content license subscription.

For a quote and more information, call 800-843-4549 or email