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Basic Software Upgrade Plan (SUP)

Make the most of your investment by keeping your system up-to-date with the latest software updates, standards & correlations updates, and time-saving innovations for your teachers.

NEW! SAFARI Montage Version 7.3 Updates Available via Basic SUP Include:

Learning Object Repository Enhancements

Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Mutual users will be able to easily search the SAFARI Montage LOR from Microsoft Teams
  • Add SAFARI Montage titles, segments and playlists to Microsoft Teams Assignments or Announcements
  • Requires Microsoft Teams and SAFARI Montage LOR subscriptions

SchoolCity Integration

  • Common users will have access to the high-quality rich media resources available in the LOR from within the new SchoolCity Personalized Review Assignment feature
  • Resources get pulled in to review assignments automatically using the state standard benchmark being assessed to personalize the learning path of each student
  • Requires SchoolCity Personalized Learning Review Tool and SAFARI Montage LOR subscriptions

BrainPOP Integration

  • SAFARI Montage and BrainPOP users can now find relevant BrainPOP resources in their federated searches of the SAFARI Montage LOR
  • Provides access to 824 BrainPOP videos plus 6,590 supplemental, interactive resources, such as activities, challenges, quizzes and simulations from within the LOR
  • Enables users to add BrainPOP movies and resources to playlists, which in turn can be linked to lessons within popular LMSs
  • Requires BrainPOP and SAFARI Montage LOR subscriptions

Knovation Managed Embedded Integration

  • Mutual clients will have federated search access to Knovation’s collection of 360,000 curated OERs and Free Resource weblinks from the LOR plus the ability to easily add these resources to playlists
  • Users will now find these resources sorted into the format tabs and can easily be added to any LMS. They will also be able to search for them by state standards
  • Requires Knovation and SAFARI Montage LOR subscriptions

Streamable Learning Integration

  • Provides mutual customers with easy access to hundreds of live and recorded educational events from the Streamable Learning content community via the LOR
  • Offers Single Sign-On access to Streamable Learning’s live streaming programming along with federated search access to a library of recorded events and virtual field trips
  • Requires Streamable Learning and SAFARI Montage LOR subscriptions

Video Streaming Library Enhancements

Great NEW Video Content

  • Over 1,000 new videos from premier educational publishers, including America: The Promised Land (A&E), Origins: The Journey of Humankind (National Geographic), Ken Burns: Jackie Robinson (PBS), L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables (PBS), 556 brief video animations on literature, world history, economics, Spanish I from Principal Media, and more!
  • Requires active Core Content package license

User Experience Enhancements

Smart Adaptive Bitrate & Ultra-High Resolution Video Encoding

  • New Smart ABR Drives with ultra-high resolution encoded video will be available for back-to-school 2018-19
  • We have re-encoded our entire library in Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) to optimize the user playback experience while dynamically testing for available bandwidth to the user
  • When available, the videos have been encoded at up to 3Mbps for super picture quality on large screens
  • LOR users will also now be able to upload content using adaptive bitrate for a smarter, more efficient playback experience of teacher-, student- or district-created videos

Playlist Enhancements

  • Playlists can now be aligned with State Standards
  • Playlists are now searchable via federated search. Results are conveniently organized within a separate Playlist search results tab.
  • Users now automatically create a copy of Playlist when Sharing to District

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