SAFARI Montage®

An Open Platform to Deliver a K-12 Digital Curriculum

Whether being used as a superior Video Streaming Library, a massive Learning Object Repository or an elegant Digital Learning Platform with a built-in mobile device Student Response System, SAFARI Montage® has the foundation for your school district to evolve with you as you embrace and confront all of the challenges that delivering a digital curriculum poses. SAFARI Montage also offers solutions for IPTV & Live Media Streaming to enable schools to seamlessly integrate live and recorded digital TV, school news and videoconferencing into teaching and learning. As a server-based system, it enables seamless LDAP integration between digital solutions and utilizes bandwidth intelligently to ensure reliable access to learning resources.

SAFARI Montage is now being used in over 10,000 public schools across the United States. From Denver Public Schools to Hastings, MN, the application of the flexible SAFARI Montage® solution has conquered the major technological hurdles impeding the ability of today’s educators to instruct and engage students reliably.

  • Forsyth County Schools (GA), a leading proponent of student mobile devices, are using our Learning Object Repository (CreationStation™) to manage 50,000 digital learning resources.
  • At Keller ISD (TX), they are using our Digital Learning Platform (Digital Curriculum Presenter™) to drive their digital curriculum while optimizing their high-bandwidth networks.
  • Lake County Schools (FL) are effectively utilizing Digital Curriculum Presenter (DCP), along with our Learning Object Repository to provide 21st Century learning resources to students and teachers anytime, anywhere.
  • Hall County (GA) has linked SAFARI Montage® video resources into their Learning Management System via IMS Global LTI standards.
  • In a big urban district like Chicago Public Schools (IL), video streaming content is provided by SAFARI Montage® to manage bandwidth issues, while our videoconferencing solution (SAFARI Montage® Live!) is being used for communication and instructional purposes.
  • In 2012, Plano ISD (TX) had 1.25+ million plays of the rich media educational resources in SAFARI Montage®, many of which are linked into their LMS.
  • In Pennsylvania, 18 SAFARI Montage® servers connect the state’s schools over PAIUnet for video streamed resources.
  • Schools across the state of Nebraska now have access to the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository via a partnership with the state’s Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council.

SAFARI Montage® has evolved into a multifaceted, K-12 instructional tool that leading school districts around
the country are using to support digital instruction in mobie device environments.