Digital Curriculum Presenter

A Digital Learning Platform That Simplifies Classroom Lesson Presentation Through a Single Interface

SAFARI Montage Digital Curriculum Presenter™ (DCP) is a digital learning platform that provides an elegant interface for teachers to present a complete digital curriculum capable of hosting, supporting and simplifying the playback of over 50 different file types, including video. DCP ties course development with course delivery.

DCP is equipped with a remarkable virtual student response system called Get it?™ that is capable of working with Apple® iOS and other mobile devices for semi-automated, personalized learning. DCP also offers quick access to videoconferencing, live streams for cameras or Digital TV, support for interactive whiteboards and handheld devices, and more.

DCP also integrates with most LMSs to import lessons, courses and learning objects into the unified SAFARI Montage® Learning Object Repository via IMS Common Cartridge Standards 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

Interoperable with other systems.

Integrates with Moodle®, Blackboard®, Angel Learning and Desire2Learn®
IMS Global Certified

NEW 5.7 Supports Class Import of Teacher and Student LDAP Authentication from the SIS


Digital Curriculum Presenter - Teacher View Formative Assessment Course Repository One Interface


NEW 5.4For districts that have not yet purchased DCP, DCP My Lessons enables teachers to have all the benefits of DCP, including playlist conversion and formative assessment via Get It?™, without Common Cartridge import/export, and district course management, at an attractive district price.
NEW 5.9 My Lessons now allows teachers to share their lessons with curriculum staff for inclusion in district courses.


The SAFARI Montage® Media Player is fully integrated to simplify teacher navigation through all classroom technology in the lesson, including Interactive Whiteboards and Doc and Web Cams.

Teachers can also integrate other SAFARI Montage® modules into lessons, including videoconferencing and recorded programming via Network-DVR.


This intelligent SAFARI Montage® Media Player automatically detects wireless mobile devices for lower bitrate playback to protect the LAN/WAN in one-to-one environments, and it also dynamically responds to user type and location.


Add, manage and share licensed content, along with district-, teacher- or student-created content, in over 50 file formats, including video and IWB files, in a unified Learning Object Repository. All of the digital learning objects stored within the LOR are accessible through a federated search designed around teachers' classroom teaching needs. Learn moreGo

Digital Curriculum Presenter Platform System Requirements:

  • SAFARI Montage® V.5.4
  • SAFARI Montage® Media Player 5.4
  • SAFARI Montage CreationStation®
  • Managed Home Access highly recommended
  • SAFARI Montage® 5.x Compatible Server with FreeBSD® 8.1 OS Drive (Some existing customer servers may not be supported. A new hard drive or memory upgrade may be required.)
Digital Curriculum Presenter Purchase Information

For pricing and more information, call 800-843-4549 or email