Math'scool Teaching System
Content Package

87 Video Titles, 892 PDF Documents
Grades 5-9

Designed to build mathematical fundamentals for algebra and beyond, Math'scool is an innovative and dynamic teaching system covering basic math and pre-algebra skills. Math'scool is a great resource that can be used to support STEM curricula.

Aimed to prepare students for success in algebra and higher math, this engaging series was created to reach students who are being introduced to pre-algebra skills or need reinforcement of this content. Math'scool presents its comprehensive mathematics curricula through effective and entertaining animations, lively graphics, concrete examples and real-world explanations - providing a fun, multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning the content.

Developed by BestQuest Teaching Systems, the Math'scool Teaching System Content Package addresses the essentials of basic math skills and pre-algebra concepts including number sense and operations; fractions; decimals; geometry and measurement. It supports all relevant standards from both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Common Core and State Standards for mathematics. This package consists of 41 hours of content reflected in 74 lessons accompanied by teacher guides and student worksheets and includes 13 short videos introducing students to adults who rely on math in their daily professions. Math'scool provides all of the effective tools a teacher needs to support student learning. Each video lesson comes with supplemental print materials that cover the curriculum and extend the video instruction.

Package includes 892 PDF documents consisting of teacher’s guides and student worksheets filled with lesson notes, guided practice, independent and additional practice and manipulative exercises. Teacher guides provide a complete manual accompanying the lessons, complete with teaching tips, answers to the student problems, glossaries of key terms and module tests.

  • Annual license subscription per school/library
  • An additional hard drive may need to be purchased to host additional content packages